[Shakugan no Shana Future & Hope], y [Shakugan no Shana S III]

El compañero Elf Song, de los foros de animesuki, escribió un resumen acerca de lo sucedido en esta novela. Debido a la extensión del resumen y que el inglés que emplea no es especialmente complicado (además de que ahora mismo estoy trabajando en el YA SABÉIS QUÉ que comenté en la entrada anterior) me limitaré a copypastear el resumen escrito originalmente por, insisto, Elf Song de los foros de animesuki. 
Antes de nada, aclarar que “Future”, que se divide en 4 capítulos, hace referencia a aquellos que se quedaron a vivir en la Tierra; mientras que Hope, que se divide en 3, hace referencia a aquellos que viajaron hacia Xanadu.

Esto es lo que corresponde a Future:

1. Misaki Municipal High School
The story takes place around two months after the creation of Xanadu, involving students in Misaki Municipal High School’s student council including Ike, Harumi, Kimiko andYukari.
Since that time, people in the Misaki city starts rumoring about seeing and hearing something unexplainable ( the last battle which happened from the sudden removal of the Seal during Yuji’s revelation of his true plan after Xanadu is created). But the incident never create chaos among the people because Yuji also used Kazumi’s memory of Misaki city to fix all the distortion since Friagne’s activity in the city.

2. Sakai Residence
The chapter is about the couples of Sakai house taking care of the newborn with Ogata coming to help them. Sakai Kantarou’s research on the news about people seeing and hearing unexplainable things during the final battle. Chigusa reminisces about Wilhelmina Carmel whom Margery Daw told that she “left to somewhere far away and wouldn’t come back to the city but she’s living happily now”.

3. Misaki City Station
Tanaka and Kazumi goes to welcome the temporary return of Satou and Margery at the station. Satou enrolls in Tokyo’s high school while also working at the Outlaw. Margery comments that Kazumi looks more beautiful when she have long hair (shoulder length) now. Satou and Margery tell them the situation of the Flame Hazes and Outlaws; the Flame Hazes are going to come to Misaki city to research about the completely fixed city and Hirai Yukari who eventually returned from the “death”. but to prevent to sudden entrance of them, Flieder and Holmes who take care of Japan Outlaw, and Dong Ming the Guilunhui (presumed to become the Elder) are trying to stop that commotion. Sophie goes back to her retirement. Dan Rogers, Hildegard, Francois and Mikalojus are still active at the Outlaw. Marcosias reveals to them that the contracted Crimson Lords who stayed behind in this world are blocked from returning to Crimson Realm since Xanadu is created between two worlds; it cuts the link between their will and their home which is like a guide sign for them to go back to their world, resulting them becoming like Asiz who once cut his own bond with Crimson Realm to re-materialize without losing his beloved contractor’s body. While the guide post to Earth is changed to Xanadu, the guide post to Crimson Realm from Earth is unsure where they will be leading to or to be strayed in the Abyss forever. Margery tells that with the hint of Asiz and the secret scroll of “Psalm of Grand Order” left by Johann, they may uncover the truth which was discovered by the once-returned God of Creation.

4. Feast of Cherry Blossom Flower
At the Misaki mountain where Cherry Blossom blooms, Sakai Kantarou, Chigusa, the newborn and others are enjoying the scenery. Chigusa and Kantarou reveals to them the reason behind the name of the newborn, Miyu. They heard the sound of someone at the night of the last battle, the sound from somewhere far away (はるか which also can be written as 悠). When the night comes, Margery presents the ring which she said to be “St. Edward’s ring”(the legend of St. Edward’s ring can be searched in google) which is actually the part of ten rings Chorde. She said that if they hold them tightly and pray, it may reach to the other rings. The ring then passed to Ogata and Tanaka, then Margery and Satou, then Ike, then Yukari, then Kazumi. The newborn then cry out like wanting the ring too. The ring then finally passed to the Sakai couple and infant. The chapter ends saying that their prayer and blessing becomes wind that could even flow between worlds.



Esto lo que corresponde a ‘Hope’:

1. “Manipulator of Objects” Wilhelmina Carmel
The chapter starts a year later, after the Xanadu is created. On Tendokyu, Wilhelmina and Rebecca are taking care of the child Justus whom starts to be able to weave an Unrestricted Spell before he could master walking. They are then visited by Shana who, staying by Yuji’s side on his eternal quest for teaching the way for both race to coexist, while he is forbidden to come to Outlaw and Tendokyu (rooting from Wilhelmina’s grudge on him for attacking Justus during the last battle). Yuji becomes known with the sarcastic title received from other people and Denizens, the “World-wandering Ascetic”(廻世の行者 Junkai no Gyousha).They talks about how the Outlaw is reorganized without Sophie, Samuel and others here; Sale, Chiara and the Four Gods are taking care of this problem with the help of former Flame Haze’s contracted Crimson Lords: Behemoth, Halphas and Zirnitra who come directly to Xanadu (since the world is filled with unlimited Power of Existence). Shana becomes like a sister for Justus.

2. “World-wandering Ascetic” Sakai Yuji
Somewhere in Japan, Yuji is escorted by Pirsoyn to the restaurant. He meets Ribesal in his human shape which resembling big robust man with beads around his neck. He talks to Yuji about his quest and approach him to side with Bal Masque again. Yuji declines this and is then scolded by Ribesal for involving Bal Masque’s members in his former battle with the newly created organization called “Maccabean Brothers” (マカベア兄弟 makabea kyoudai); the organization bends the oracle of Shaher falsely preach Denizens to massacre people as they pleased. Yuji apologizes Ribesal and Bal Masque for involing their comrades and ask if Bel Peol is fine. After finishing their food, Ribesal tells him to take a good care of the princess (Shana) which Yuji reacted with sudden surprise. He then ask the Crimson Lord how to become strong quicker.

3. “Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter” Shana

The chapter involves the battle between the “Maccabean Brothers” ‘s Princes (seems to be the title for leaders)and Shana/Yuji. They disguises and infiltrate into the killing area organized by the two Princes, “Subterraneous Assault” Dáin (“潜逵の衝鋒” ダーイン “Senki no Shouhou” Daain) and “Smashing Hammer of Chaos” Charun (“紊鎚毀” カルン“Bintsuiki” karun). Shana and Yuji manage to finish the two off and instruct the other members to kill no more. Later, Shana and Alastor compliments Yuji for his improvement. When they are going to leave the area, the sound or melody of something is heard coming with the wind. They then depart, holding hands.


Personalmente… me esperaba alguna escena más romanticona xD  Pero claro, era de esperar, no iban a poner un capítulo entero con Shana y Yuuji de cita todo el tiempo xD” Aunque eso de que marcharon cogidos de la mano es suficiente ^^ y a parte me gusta lo de que a Shana la tengan como la princesa xDD

CAMBIANDO DE TEMA: [Shakugan no Shana S III]. El usuario virox comentó que [SnS: Future & Hope] sería una de las historias que vendrían incluidas en [SnS: S III] =] de la que personalmente.. ni idea >_>


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18 comentarios to “[Shakugan no Shana Future & Hope], y [Shakugan no Shana S III]”

  1. Julia Says:

    Espero que saquen ovas T.T hay algunas cosas que no entendi XD

  2. Misao Says:

    Osea que estas conectado baka o_ó!!!
    Voy a leer ese resumen ahora mismo, solo queria comentar antes de que te fueras xD

  3. Misao Says:

    Interesante, quería algo más de romance pero se ve bastante buena la trama, de hecho dá para una seria de ovas

    Como minimo unas 4 ovas mas [=P]

    Y por lo que veo no será sólo una novela ya que tiene una trama que recien empieza… *-*

    Quiero ver a Shana jugando con Justus <3

    Cualquier cosa avisas Renzi te quiero mucho amigo <3

  4. Gerardp Says:

    awwwww muero que bueno ya voy a empezar a leerlo y a traducirlo a mi manera XD

  5. Gerardp Says:

    vaya por lo que acabo de leer en Xanadu hay muchos que se rebelan y hay algunos problemas pero que los solucionan…
    y aparte que en misaky en la tierra a las personas les quedo un poco de recuerdo sobre la ultima pelea de shana y yuji o.O pense que olvidarian todo.. pero bueno se ve interesante ojala saquen ovas animadas T_T

  6. juniors Says:

    espero que salga pronto

  7. yamato Says:

    Interesante todo,pero queria mas romance entre los protas! ojala alguna historia de SIII lo tenga..es la ultima novela..

  8. dant Says:

    una preguntita….. los que murieron en las batallas, siguen vivos en el xanadu? porque se menciona algo de samuel diamantos y ese murio ._:

  9. dant Says:

    ah y si sabes algo de quien es este: Dong Ming the Guilunhui te agradeceria xDD

  10. Gerardp Says:

    @dant bueno se que los que revivieron fueron a los que habian devorado sus almas… pero sobre los que murieron en batalla no lo se porque sus almas no fueron consumidas …. quizas si estan vivos en xanadu

  11. Chris Says:

    Hola! Vine a compartir con ustedes algo que encontré en el Inet. La versión FULL HD de Koubou + Donwload link :3 Pensé que sería util ponerlo aquí http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTOgC8BECfU

  12. Misao Says:

    La cancion del ultimo capitulo version fullv*-*

  13. dant Says:

    bueno gracias gerardp habra q ver q pasa si sacan algun ova

  14. dant Says:

    uh no quiero ser molesto pero tengo dos preguntas mas:
    1: todo el mundo se olvido de yuji no? ni sus viejos ni sus amigos ni nadie normal lo recuerda
    2: en el xanadu, hay humanos? nunca me quedo claro eso.. es decir, se copio el mundo original pero nunca supe si fueron los lugares y las personas o que.


  15. Gerardp Says:

    @dant si si hay humanos ya que fue una copia exacta de la tierra lo que no hay es ciudad misaki la ciudad no la copiaron…
    es mas creo si mal no recuerdo algunos tomogaras viven como humanos se hacen pasar como humanos por lo que acabo de leer en estos resúmenes que publico renzo

  16. dant Says:

    y se olvidaron de yuji?

  17. luisa Says:

    Oye gracias por la informacion pero me harias un favor
    no entiendo mucho ingles asi que me ppdeias decir o poner en espanol ke pasara
    si puedes. Te lo agradeceria
    y dime ke pasa entre shana y yuuji y claro con los demas
    muchS gracias

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    Lastly phase five is figuring out if you are hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself.


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